Bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Creative Technologies


Admission profile

This degree aims to give way to various student profiles:
  • Students attracted by new technologies but have no interest in forming with the depth of technical detail that computer engineers do. Naturally, this profile must come from high school students who want to direct their professional life to technological development at the level of advanced user development.
  • Students with an interest in arts that are close to graphic design and product but who do not intend to devote their professional lives to the artistic field but they are interested in their designs that can serve to improve the challenges of the new ecosystem with which they are People interact with the context. Therefore, students of high school baccalaureates with an interest in applying (and extending) this knowledge to the development of user interfaces of interactive systems must come from this profile.
  • Although the previous profiles are, in principle, those of natural origin, given the idiosyncrasy of this degree, students from areas such as humanistic or social will also be able to access.

To gain admission to bachelor’s degree courses at Catalan public universities applicants must pre-enrol on the announced dates choosing a preferable course and submitting required documentation.

More information about the pre-enrolment can be found on the Catalan University Admission Advisory Office webpage (l’Oficina d’Orientació per a l’Accés a la Universitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya), which is responsible for the admission processes of all Catalan public universities.

Entrance pathways

Cut-off scores (in catalan)


Upper secondary studies + PAU or COU + PAU:

You can gain admission to any bachelor’s degree course, regardless of the chosen upper secondary studies option.

Higher Level Education Cycle (CFGS):

Holders of a CFGS qualification may enter any bachelor’s degree course without taking any entry examinations. Admission mark is the average grade of the passed subjects.

In the case of some CFGS qualifications certain credits may be validated. You can check which bachelor’s degree subjects are recognized here.

Another university:

You can enter a bachelor’s degree course with any university degree: the entrance mark is the average grade of the passed subjects.


Students over the age of 25:

Those who are over 25 may enter university after passing the university entrance examination. This examination is the same for all universities in Catalonia

Students over the age of 45:

Students who are over 45 may enter university after passing the university entrance examination for people over 45. This examination is the same for all universities in Catalonia.

Students over the age of 40 with accredited experience

Anyone over 40 who can demonstrate having accredited working or professional experience related with the chosen bachelor’s degree can be admitted to university even if they do not have any academic qualification which would enable them to enter university along other pathways. You can find more information here.


You can do it in two different ways:

University pre-enrolment

Ordinary admission through university pre-enrolment .

Once you have been admitted, you can find more information on the proceeding here.

Passed subjects with teaching loads and programmes equivalent to ours may be recognized. You can find more information here.

Credit recognition Request

You may ask for the recognition of the credits you achieved in your original qualification.

If at least 30 ECTS are recognized you can be admitted without prior registration. If 30 ECTS are not recognized, you must officially pre-register at the university. You must officially pre-enrol to the university.

You can find the calendar to apply here.

Unless your complete 30 ECTS, you must complete a university pre-inscription to be admitted to any of the above-mentioned cases.


To be admitted to a university degree course foreign applicants must keep in mind that admission procedures depend on their previous academic background and the course of studies they are interested in pursuing at the UdL. More information about these requirements can be found here.